A.C.SYS. 300

Advanced Air Conditioning SYstem Service

“Acsys” is the result of an accurate project, adding, besides what offered by “F.A.ST. 200”,also a “touch-screen” control, a double temperature probe coupling and an A/C systems diagnosis function. The system includes a standard graphic thermal printer and allows an independent control of the low and high pressure lines.A pre-arrangement for use on hybrid or electric car models is furthermore possible. The unit complies with the most severe rules relating to environmental protection.
Recovery, recycling vacuum, leak test under vacuum, recharging, flushing
Electronic control board with “touch screen”
Digital vacuum measure
Database with more than 1,500 vehicle models
Digital pressure gauges on screen
Analogical tank pressure gauge
2 x temperature probes couplings
Thermal printer
15 l/18 kg gas tank with temperature control
A/C systems diagnosis SW

Optionals: Dust cover - 20 l / 24 kg gas tank - Flushing accessories
General features Fully autom. + dyagnosis
Display Graphic LCD 5,7” Touch screen 320x240 pixel
Base features 1,500 car models
Serial ports 1
Printer Included/graphic
Oil drain automatic/with el. scale
Oil injection system automatic/with el. scale
Electronic scale resolution +/- 5 g
Ol scale scale resolution +/- 1 g
Compressor (recovery speed) 1.060 W **
Filters/dehumidifiers 1 + 1
Ultimate vacuum 0,02 mbar/2 Pa
Vacuum pump: flow rate 100 l/min
Gas tank (capacity) 15 l (18 kg at 20°C)
Gas tank temperature sensor standard
NCG purge system automatic
Self flushing cycle standard
A/C system flushing features included*
Nitrogen leak test cycle included*
Vacuum leak test autom./pressure transducer
Service hoses 2 x 3 m with safety quick couplings
Tension (V/Hz) 220/50
Fuses 2 x 10A
Overall dimensions (mm) 500x550x1050
Package dimensions (mm) 600x600x1150
Net weight / Gross weight 65/75